Carolina Pistol Instruction
Marvin & Misti Nance
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8 hours of class instruction plus range time
price includes your test, target and certificate
$ 65.00

**NC State regulated class you that is required to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit from the sheriff

Carolina Pistol Instruction Course Selection
We offer a variety of courses including:  
                               Concealed Carry Handgun Course
                               NRA First Steps Orientation
                               NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

                               COLLEGE SAFETY 101 
                               (for girls heading off to college)
We look forward to hearing from you !
3 hours of class instruction includes range time
price includes your test material, certificate and NRA First Steps Packet
$ 50.00                      A $20.00 Deposit Required
8 hours of class instruction includes range time
​price includes your test material, certificate and NRA Basic Pistol Packet
$75.00                     A $30.00 Deposit Required
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*Concealed Carry Pistol Rental includes 40 rounds of ammunition is $16.00.   
**NRA Basic Pistol or NRA 1st Steps Pistol includes 50 rounds of ammunition is $20.00.
Type YES in the box below if you need a rental pistol
Following the steps below to sign up for our class or give us a call and we will take your information and sign you up through the NRA site and register you for the class.
Once you sign up for a class, please check your SPAM folder in your email frequently until you recieve our reply with the class information... many people are finding our email in the SPAM folder.

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Classes are beginning again in January 2018.  
Our family crisis is now over and we are back to our regular routine!
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