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The purpose of this instruction is to explain the aspects of the NC Concealed Carry Handgun law as it applies to the rights of the citizen to carry a concealed handgun and to teach and apply the fundamentals of safety and basic marksmanship fundamentals.
Persons taking this class must have shooting experience and have some knowledge of gun safety.

This is NC State requirements and is not supported by the NRA.

NC Concealed Carry 
Handgun Classes

This is NC State Approved
 This course is not NRA approved
Take this ladies advice...

LANDRUM, SC (FOX Carolina) - 

"" attacker punched her in the jaw and the other ripped off a necklace and tore earrings from her ears. But she said the attack didn't stop there. "He pulled my shirt down ..." she said. But what the two robbers didn't know is the employee also packs heat. She had a gun tucked in the back of her pants, one she recently decided to carry to work. So, she used it.  She said her .32 caliber saved her life, and she has a message for women. "If you don't have a gun or you're scared of guns, get familiar with them and get a gun," she said.""

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